• Car heating pad


    The car heating pad is a kind of seat cushion that heats the car seat, so that people don't feel cold when driving the car. Product Categories Built-in car heating pad and external car heating pad Steps Before use, insert the cigarette lighter head into the ci...

  • ADIPEC Exhibition 2018 ,Abu Dhabi, UAE


    Abu Dhabi International Oil Exhibition 2018 The Abu Dhabi International Petroleum Exposition ( ADIPEC ), which was first held in 1984, has now developed into a professional exhibition with a large scale and influence in the Middle East and a ranking of oil and...

  • The International Automotive Thermal Management Conference 2018


    The International Automotive Thermal Management Conference 2018                                     ----Daming's new materials and PTC's new materials open up a new level of thermal management technology for new energy vehicles   The new energy era of aut...

  • Love Donation Activities


    Respect for the elderly filial piety is the traditional virtue of the Chinese nation for thousands of years. On the eve of Double Ninth Festival, members of our company and Red Cross volunteers visited the village five-guarantee service center in Dongqiao Town...

  • Thousands of new energy and new materials industries are gaining momentum


    CCTV Year of the Rooster, the gorgeous and grand Harbin branch venue, 11 minutes of performances stunning the world. Known as the Harbin sub-meeting venue with the highest latitude and lowest temperature in the Spring Festival Evening, the actors' skirts are l...