• How does the heating cable work?


    The inner core of the heating cable is composed of a cold wire hot wire, and the outer layer is composed of an insulating layer, a grounding layer, a shielding layer and an outer sheath. After the heating cable is energized, the hot wire generates heat and ope...

  • MI heating cable product features


    Because the structure of the MI heating cable is inorganic, it has a long service life, is not easy to age, has high compressive strength, and because its outer sheath is a metal sheath, it determines that it will not age for a long time and can run for a long...

  • MI heating cable


    MI heating cable (heating cable | insulated cable | mineral insulated cable | armored MI heating cable) is a single or multiple alloy electric heating wire as a heat source, high purity, high temperature, fused crystalline magnesium oxide as a thermal insulato...

  • Advantages of self-regulating heating cable


    Safety - providing you with maximum security The PTC features and unique structure ensure that the cable's output power responds quickly to changes in ambient temperature, with no local overheating. Convenient - cut to any length as needed The continuous long ...

  • Main features of electric heating film


    As a form of house heating, electric heating is widely used in various provinces, cities, counties and villages in China. As a revolution in the field of heating, electric heating has several main aspects: 1. Use electricity as energy, no pollution, use enviro...